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Louisville, KY, United States

Sandy Gulick

Realtor and Partner


Even after more than 30 years as one of the hardest working women in the "show you a home business", Sandy still loves what she does. And what is it that she does so well? To hear her tell it, residential real estate is as much about match-making as it is about anything else; finding the right house for the right people at the right time. Born in Shanghai, China, Margaret Sandal Honeycutt (Gulick), has lived in Louisville since she was three and spent her formative years at Highland Presbyterian Church Weekday School, St. Francis in the Fields kindergarten, Chenoweth Elementary and Waggener High School. She attended St. Andrews Presbyterian College in Laurinburg, North Carolina before getting married and spending the next few years hopping from California to Texas to Augsburg, Germany. She returned to Louisville in 1974 and has been here ever since. Sandy raised her two children, Jay and Liz, in the Cherokee Triangle and has recently decided to return to her favorite Louisville neighborhood after a several year absence. On any given night you can find Sandy entertaining friends and clients at one of Louisville's fine restaurants. Recently, she has been seen around town with her handsome grandsons: Oliver, Dylan and Solomon. She's tickled to be part of Kentucky Select Properties where she's surrounded by so many of the talented and fun-loving agents she's worked with during her career. A few of Sandy's rules for real estate success:
Don't be pushy; No deal is worth losing your integrity or risking your reputation; Treat every client like your career depends on it!

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